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2009-02-10 16:22:45 by Reticence

Well, at the school I go to, during your senior year, you have to do a big senior project before you can graduate. So for my senior project I'm going to produce an album.

It will contain 9 original tracks, along with the completed "Machines" trilogy. Which the final piece to it will be submitted here to Newgrounds soon :)

I'll be uploading the album to torrent sites, and will be providing a link to it when it is complete!

Wish me luck! ^^

Update: 17/02/09
A rough layout of the tracks to be on the album are as follow -

1. Repulsive (Intro)
2. Wrapped in Dream
3. Thrust Into Nightmare
4. Fall of the Machines
5. Entering a Perceived Sanctuary
6. As Best As We Can
7. ???
8. Fleeing a Perceived Sanctuary
9. Suppression of the Machines
10. Dreaming Again
11. ???
12. Defeat of the Machines

Some random information!
My top 5 favorite songs "of all time"(as of this moment)
1. The Flashbulb - When the Sky Ends (Album: Soundtrack to a Vacant Life)
2. The Flashbulb - Eleven Ways to End the Pain (Album: These Open Fields)
3. Dj Coone - Words from the Gang (D-Block & S-Te-Fan Remix)
4. The Flashbulb - Everyday Gone (Album: Girls suck but YOU dont, 15 tracks from my hard drive)
5.The Flashbulb - Hamlin (Album: Girls suck but YOU dont, 15 tracks from my hard drive)

Apparently I like the flashbulb.


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